The Truth about Tarot

Tarot has garnered a bad reputation over the years - However, this psychological tool is actually useful for understanding yourself and your life on a deeper level.
red and white trading cards
red and white trading cards

Intro to Tarot

I didn't know much when I bought my first tarot deck over 20 years ago and I find that I learn something new every day. Connecting to spirit is a life-long journey. That is why I have written several informative blog posts below that may help answer some of your tarot questions and help you make the most out of your readings.

white and red card on white table
white and red card on white table

Book a Tarot Reading

For over 20 years, I have utilized tarot to gain more clarity in all aspects of my life. Tarot has taught me to ask the questions I've needed to maneuver through current energies and learn to trust my own intuition. I'd love to share that insight with you.

Every tarot reader has a different and unique style. As your tarot advisor, I will provide a safe and empathetic space to have a practical, honest conversation with you so we can delve into a better understanding of your inner self and your life.

By clicking submit, you are beginning an inquiry into scheduling a reading. Payment and scheduling will be coordinated via email and payment for readings must be made prior to the reading through Zelle. All readings are for entertainment purposes and are subject to Terms and Conditions as well as my personal Code of Ethics as a professional reader.

Please feel free to ask any questions and I look forward to working with you!

”Monica is amazing! She has read my cards multiple times and has not ever disappointed. It's truly astounding how accurate the readings are. You won't be a skeptic once you get a reading from her!”

- Jennifer C.