What to Expect of a Reading

Whether this is your first reading or just your first reading with me, here's a breakdown of what to expect from a tarot reading with me - your intuitive guide.

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a group of people reaching out their hands
a group of people reaching out their hands

Have you had your cards read before? If you haven't, I am here to dispel any concerns and answer any questions you may have so that you go into your reading with clarity and understanding. I'm sure I had similar concerns and misconceptions at one point as well. Even if you have had a reading before, every tarot reader has a different style and goals for your message - so it's always good to know what to expect from the person you choose.

Tarot and the Future
My particular tarot style is similar to coaching. Even my name - Monica - means advisor in Latin. This is why I want to work WITH you to make the most of the message that is meant for you. My readings are generally conversational because you are, after all, the expert on yourself and I always find that there are small moments that only you will connect with that I could never know. I like to say that we work TOGETHER to help you find the confidence and clarity to create the future that you want. I am just your guide, providing you a safe space away from the busy world to explore your thoughts and feelings about the changes you want to make in your life. The future is never definitive or written in stone - otherwise, every reader would win the lottery and have a charmed, stress-free life. (I can tell you personally that I don't know anyone that lucky.) The future is, in truth, ever-changing and written by each and every choice you make in your life. Tarot is just a mirror to help you see yourself and the situation through a different lens, helping you make more informed choices that help you align to your highest self. After all, you are the only one holding the pen to write your own story.

My Process
Whether through message, video, or in person, my process is fairly consistent. I light some incense and close my eyes to clear my own energy and biases (because we all have them) so that I can provide you a very honest message as it is meant for you. At the end of the day, you are the one who is responsible for the decisions in your life and the person you want to become. No one else's opinions, judgments, experiences should carry more weight than knowing your own mind.

Once I have connected to my intuition and the energy around you, I will then ask you what question you have for your reading today. Asking open-ended, choice-based questions always provide more insight than asking future-based questions. I want to make sure you have the power to create the future that you want, instead of waiting for life to happen to you. If you don't have a specific question, I always inquire about what aspect of your life has had the most weight on your mind lately. Is there any area that you have been worried about or needs clarity? During this time, we generally have a small conversation to ensure we are on the same page about what the reading will be about. I also like to make sure to answer any questions that you may have for me as well. It is up to you how much you want to divulge but I will definitely help you find the right topic for your reading. I also like to have you choose the deck that calls to you. It's one of many ways I try to make the readings more interactive because I want to help you connect to your own intuition and reading on a deeper level. It's ok if you don't know much about tarot or tarot decks. Listen to your intuition to choose the deck that you are drawn to - be it by number, color, feeling, etc. There is no wrong answer.

Now that we know what we're focusing on, I will pull a personalized spread of cards based on our discussion. Even if we have chosen one specific question, a spread of cards helps to break down that question or topic into sections so that you get the most information to process. There are a number of tarot spreads out there as well so if you do have a specific spread you want to do or you just want to look at aspects of your life in a more general way, we can pick a spread that fits the occasion. I like to offer new moon, full moon, week/year spreads, spreads for specific topics, and even spreads that help you do shadow work (or inner analysis of yourself). After I have laid out the spread, we will then have a conversation about each card, how they work together, and what message they are revealing for you. If we have any questions, we can always pull clarifier cards to continue our deep dive. Finding all the nuances in the cards with you is always my favorite part because understanding the message helps us figure out how to turn ideas into action. Please keep in mind that what we discuss is in no way a substitute for professional mental, legal, medical, or financial advice. Seeking professional advice is always recommended. My job, then, is to make sure you have all the tools to connect to your own intuition so you can make an informed decision that helps you put your best foot forward. Here we talk about takeaways, exercises you can do, things to look out for or think about further - anything to make the most out of your reading and empower you to make things happen in your life.

After a reading, I like to provide you with some short-hand version of your reading that you can continue to review and absorb as the lessons continue to develop over time. A video copy of your reading will be provided with your consent, if you choose to have a Zoom meeting. Otherwise, as with email readings, you will be provided a PDF breakdown of your reading with an image of your cards and a reflection journal to write your thoughts. I highly recommend reflecting on your tarot reading even after our time together is done. Often times, we discuss quite a lot and it's hard to remember everything so these summaries do help. My recommendation is to make sure that you find one productive way to connect with the message and apply it in real time. Tarot, much like life, is about helping you find the confidence to take the next best step forward.

So contact me for your next tarot reading - I believe in you and I'm ready to help you make things happen!