Connect to the Universe

The world can often be so loud that we lose our connection to the universe and to ourselves.
It is important to listen to our intuition and remember that we are all magic.
silhouette of grass during sunset
silhouette of grass during sunset

Alex & Laura

Two creative minds that came together at art school, Alex and Laura founded Mina with a shared passion for design and sustainability. For them, success is more than just about having a bestselling product.

Every piece in our store has been created with love by Alex and Laura. They take inspiration from the world around them when it comes to shapes, colors, and the clay that they work with.

Join us on our mission to fill every home with beautiful, sustainable décor. 

yellow green and red floral print cards
yellow green and red floral print cards


Tarot may date back to the mid-15th century and is commonly thought of as a tool for divining the future. However, it is more than the misconceptions that have been assigned to it over the years. It is actually a relevant psychological tool that can help you understand your self and your life on a deeper level.
If you're ready to look into the mirror and learn more about tarot and how it can help you, book a reading with me today!